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Join Canon Master Darren Jew and the Whales Underwater team for an unforgettable marine adventure, filled with intimate in-water encounters with magnificent humpback whales in the Kingdom of Tonga’s famous Vava’u Group of Islands.

Since 2001 Darren has been travelling the Vava’u, photographing these magniicant creatures as they go about their lives in the warm waters of this South Pacific paradise–and at the same time sharing his experience with small groups of ocean lovers and photographers.

This is the marine photography adventure of a lifetime! Not only will you experience some of the best whale encounters imaginable, you’ll receive expert tuition allowing you to take your photography to the next level of technique and creativity.

Your 9 or 12 day tour gives you quality time in the water, up-close and personal with the magnificent humpback whales, in the clear, warm waters of their Winter breeding grounds.

This is your chance to shoot alongside Canon Master Darren Jew and gain personal insights into the creative processes that goes into capturing his award-winning images. In addition to on-water time, a mix of structured workshop sessions and supervised lab time will be led by Darren and Jasmine across the week to ensure you make the most of the images you capture.

Tour Dates

BA17Z   26 July -3 August 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BA17A   4- 15 August 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BB17A   4- 15 August 2017  SPACES AVAILABLE
BA17B   16 – 24 August 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BB17B   16 – 24 August 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BA17C  25 August – 5 Sept 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BB17C  25 August – 5 Sept 2017  SPACES AVAILABLE
BA17D  6 – 14 September 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BB17D  6 – 14 September 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BA17E  15 – 26 September 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BB17E  15 – 26 September 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BA17F  27 September – 9 October 2017 FULLY BOOKED
BB17F  27 September – 9 October 2017  SPACES AVAILABLE
BA17G  10-21 October 2017 FULLY BOOKED

For full details and booking information, visit the Whales Underwater website.

See you in Tonga!