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Dive the Ex HMAS Brisbane with Canon Master Darren Jew and the Foto Frenzy team!

Join this full-day workshop that will give you the skills you require to create your own underwater stitched panoramas.

Combining multiple captures to create one final images is called “stitching”. In underwater photography, stitching allows you to capture a very large subject (such as a wreck or reef system) in a single composite photograph–a technique especially useful when your lens isn’t wide enough; when the visibility doesn’t allow you to get back from the subject; you want to create interesting perspectives.

The two types of stitching are

Panoramic– where the camera stays in the one place and shoots multiple images in an arc to create a super-wide view of the scene.

Mosaic – where the camera shoots multiple frames as it moves along the object, creating a series of tiles that are overlapped to create a plan/map view.

This workshop will be primarily looking at panoramic stitching, but mosaics will also me discussed.

Pre-dive panorama checklist*
2 dives on the ex HMAS Brisbane (Dive 1–site orientation and demonstration; Dive 2– panorama shooting)
Tuition and advice during Surface Interval
Supervised lab session to edit, process and render your panorama
A3+ print to take home

*Pre-dive brief either in-person at the FFRAW January Knowledge Session (10th January) or remotely via video.

$250 FF RAW Members

• Minimum Advanced Open Water certification (due to site depth)
• Present your diving certification card on the day
• If your last dive was more than 12months ago we suggest a refresher course (Safety first)
• Must use a dive computer
• Must carry a snorkel and SMBREQUIREMENTS

• What ever you have is great, Canon, Nikon, GoPro, we here to have fun & learn.

• Bring a laptop
• Lightroom (preferred) and/or photoshop You can download a 30 day trial from Adobe.com.au if you don’t have it.
• Card Reader to download your images

Please complete our online booking form and include your credit card details for payment processing $250 for FF RAW Members, $295 non-Members

Any questions about the photographic side please contact Greg on [email protected]u