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Join us in Wollongong, NSW for an extended weekend with acclaimed ocean photographer Philip Thurston.

You’ll learn all the best tips and ultimate techniques of wave photography from one of the best in the business.

Learn what shooting waves is all about–from gear selection, ocean safety and in-water positioning to camera settings, techniques and creativity.

Take part in challenges to put your new-found knowledge to the test and then learn what it means to turn your awesome capture into a true masterpiece through the perfect post-processing.

Shoot the colours of the dawn and dusk, shoot above water and below the water to fully explore the magic of capturing the surf.

Leading the INTRO to SHOOTING  WAVES workshop is Philip Thurston, professional ocean and adventure photographer based in South Coast of NSW, Australia.

Phil grew up in the heavy Australian reef breaks on the South Coast of NSW. Together with his two older brothers he pursued professional bodyboarding– which in his late teens developed into a growing passion for surf photography to document and support his older brother’s career in professional wave riding. Their commitment and dedication to shooting the powerful large swells that would hit seasonally not only developed a passion in Thurston for the raw energy of the ocean swells but conditioned him with the confidence to capture up close and beautiful imagery of the breaking wave. Self-published author of the ‘Living Water’,  Phil now travels the world capturing ocean and adventure related images that drive the growing momentum and inspiration of Thurston Photo. You can learn more about Phil at his website.

Joining Phil on this exciting workshop will be Australian ocean photographer Darren Jew. Darren has been a full-time professional nature photographer for over 30 years. His deep passion for the oceans is evident in his work and his career achievements have seen him recognised as a Canon Master. Darren has been photo-guiding around the planet since 1993, introducing photographers to both terrestrial and marine wildlife–all the way from Antarctica to Zambia.  His deep passion for the oceans is evident in his work and his career achievements have seen him recognised as a Canon Master.

Special Guest and Wollongong local Warren Keelan will also join us over the weekend to share insights into this life as a professional ocean photographer.

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