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We’re heading north for an amazing winter expedition above the Arctic Circle to swim with pods of orca that follow the massive herring schools into the Norwegian Fjords.

Every year, millions of herring over-winter in the fjords of Norway, making the most of the seas warmed by the Gulf Stream. Families of orca feast on these massive schools and they’re joined by pods of non-breeding humpbacks that have stayed north rather then travelling to winter in the tropics. This spectacular seasonal concentration of marine life is just waiting to be experienced by you and your camera.

Tour Dates

WUWN1701    10–18 November 2017   SPACES AVAILABLE
WUWN1702    17–25 November 2017 FULLY BOOKED
WUWN1703    24 November – 2 December 2017   FULLY BOOKED

For full details, itineraries and booking information visit the Whales Underwater website.