Foto Frenzy Lady Elliot Island
April 24-30 2017

Whether you love photography as a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, the annual Foto Frenzy on Lady Elliot Island is an event that will help you take your photography to the next level!

Participants are mentored by world renowned photographers Darren Jew (who has photographed some of the planet’s most amazing landscapes and wildlife), Sean Scott (who is leading the way in coastal landscape and surf art photography), Gary Cranitch (who works with the Queensland Museum and has co-authored books such as the Great Barrier Reef  ‘a Queensland Museum Discovery Guide’) as well as the Canon Collective Team with their Queensland ambassadors and award winning photographers Colin Baker and Greg Sullavan, who will all share their knowledge and expertise to help perfect your photography skills!

Extended to 7 days/6 nights in 2017, the workshop is based on the concept of ‘Capture to Print’ with endless shooting opportunities above and below the water, review sessions, group presentations and break outs which will culminate in a print exhibition of participants work on the final night.

So immerse yourself in photography on the Southern Great Barrier Reef and join us for a Foto Frenzy on Lady Elliot Island!

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